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Taste . marketing for small restaurants!

What is Co-Cuisin?

We are empowering small restaurant ventures with a global outlook on cuisine through cost-effective marketing solutions, Co-Cuisin seeks to leverage new technologies for collective innovation and strength. 

Pioneering innovative marketing strategies and setting new industry standards, Co-Cuisin is committed to revolutionising the Restaurant industry’s approach to marketing through a collaborative model.



That make us offer our clients exceptional marketing service.


Local clients

Supporting local businesses, we prioritize building strong community relationships.

What do we offer?

Call with marketeer

Our specialist will listen of all your requirements and wants in order to offer personal marketing program.

Access to chats

You gain access to chat forums with same type cuisine premises.

AR Menu

We are offering development of Augmented Reality menu for our clients.

Marketing plan

We are developing limited marketing plan tailored to client’s cuisine type.

AI Analysis

You are able to use AI Powered Data Analysis to gain real-time feedback of current campaign.

Key Features

Trial month

You are getting a free month trial, followed by a charge equivalent up to 10% of on-premise salves revenue.


You receive tailored marketing tactics guided by a dedicated personal marketer.

Cost efficient

Achieved by using technology leverage and economies of scale.

Our vision and mission


By embracing cutting-edge technology, pioneering inventive marketing approaches, and establishing new benchmarks in the industry, we guarantee that Co-Cuisin adheres to sustainable development objectives, with a focus on affordability and clean energy.


We empower small restaurant ventures by providing cost-effective marketing solutions, harnessing new technologies to drive collective innovation.

Would you like to know more?

Got questions, feedback, or just want to say hello? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us using form:

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