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Who we hire?

Customer Service Team

If you grasp the purpose and processes of Co-Cuisin, possess effective communication skills, understand problems, and can offer solutions, we warmly welcome your input and collaboration!

Marketing Team

If you have a strong grasp of digital marketing channels, proficiency in conducting impactful market research, and the capability to comprehend current market trends and analyse data effectively, we encourage you to reach out.

Information Technology Team

If you’re proficient in software development and programming, possess a good understanding of online security, and demonstrate strong adaptability skills, we’re eager to hear from you.

Our values are ingrained in everything we create, including opportunities for careers.

In order to set up and run Co-Cuisin, we are required to establish social networks. Given the nature of the business, our employees are required to be capable to create denser networks to establish interconnections with potential and existing customers. Employees will need to co-operate across departments to ensure that the correct marketing strategies will be offered for our client. In order to achieve it, Co-Cuisin is offering following propositions for our employees: